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Step 1: Size and Branding of the Estate agency - View More

  • There are over a thousand estate agencies in Singapore, some bigger companies has a few hundred to a few thousand property agents. Whereas many are small agencies with less than 10 agents or even one-man-show.

  • The advantage of bigger companies is that they are usually better known to the public.

  • It will be useful to make use of your company’s branding especially when you are new.

  • Most of these agencies are local companies, you may also want to check on some international companies that are well known globally.

  • Bigger does not mean better for you. More important thing to consider is your requirements.


Step 2: Strength of the Estate agency and their Market Segment Focus

  • Though most companies deal with all types of properties, some companies specialise in residential, some in commercial.                 Some focus on HDB and some in private properties.

  • Some companies focus on new project launches                                                                                                                                     New agents may consider joining them if they want to start with selling new developments in the showrooms.


Step 3: Support provided by the agency - View More

  • Technology and IT
    A good estate agency constantly improves its tools that can help agents to work better.
                                                                            Join an estate agency that provide updated technological tools online software and IT support.

  • Benefits
    A good estate agencies should always liaise with third parties to secure better discounts on real estate agent subscription packages especially on Telco business packages, online subscirptions like SRX, PropertyGuru, Powersearch, Homebiz, etc.

  • Education & Training
    Real estate training is the surest path to success.                                                                                                                                      Join a company that stress on education and continual training and consistently update its agents regarding the ongoing market conditions.

  • Branding
    A strong branding will help you to be more recognisable by your clients, and present a good profile.

  • Culture
    Some agencies have a more family-liked culture with everyone feels at home when you are in the company, while others may have a more traditional and formal management style. Join an estate agency with the culture that suits you and able to nurture you to become a good agent?

  • Awards & Recognition
    A good agency should  give awards and recognition to agents who have done well, in turn, this will help to motivate agents and boost their desire to excel.


Step 4: Commission Structure

  • Understand how an agency works. Once you earn commissions after closing deals, the agency will take a cut from your commission.

  • As a new agent, you start from the lowest payout scale ( usually 70% of your commission) and gradually move up the scale as you accumulate the commission amount, usually up to 90%.

  • Learn how you are going to grow your business by growing your organisation.


Step 5: Register yourself as Real Estate Salesperson (RES) - Get More Info

  • You have to register yourself with a licenced Estate Agency before you can start working as a property agent.

  • Your manager will guide you through this step and orientate you around the company.

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