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The fact is that the initial years of every new agent’s career is the toughest. No disrespect to any other agencies but with powerful negotiators, we work to overcome this.

Thanks to the guidance and foresight of our leader Kelvin Fong, Powerful Negotiators focus on working as a team and adopt a strong practice of sharing information to help each other improve and excel. With a growing and diverse range of training programs to match the latest practices, covering many different areas of running a business, an online and offline community, marketing tools and resources, and add in a tested and proven system, success in real estate is almost a guarantee.


Systems to Help any Property Agent


Technology is a resource that can help an agent achieve success faster yet many agencies are not developing resources to help their agents. At Powerful Negotiators, the agents come first and will always come first. With over 1,800 agents and growing, we have invested in systems to help you succeed.

And these systems are completely free because we understand the initial investment you’ve already put in to get started in this career. Asking you to invest in technology would become a challenge, which is why we want to make your journey absolutely smooth sailing.

Systems to help every Powerful Negotiator Agent:

  • Our Realtime System™

  • I-deal – All-in-One Mobile Application

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional in real estate, Powerful Negotiators have the resources to help you accelerate your growth. And if you’ve been considering going into management, the resources you’ll find here will help you get started quickly.


About Propnex


Our emphasis over the years has always been on service excellence. Together with our commitment to provide dedicated service, it is what truly sets us apart from the rest. We spare no effort to ensure complete peace of mind for the consumer. From the point of contact to after-sales follow up, every moment is treated with exceptional care. With such tremendous focus on customer satisfaction, it is no surprise our brand name has come to be synonymous with one word—trust. 


Consumer Empowerment Seminars

Consumer Empowerment Seminars, introduced quarterly in 2013 had gained a foothold in equipping homebuyers, owners and investors with the latest property trends, insights and outlook of the real estate market. 

Held every quarterly at the Kallang Theatre, these well-attended seminars with near full capacity attendance of 1,000 persons for each of the seminar, the company decided to continue these seminars in 2014 with the aim of empowering more consumers with knowledge of the real estate cycles. 

Keynote speaker - Mr Ismail Gafoor, CEO of PropNex, shares valuable tips, market sentiments, risks and investment opportunities in current property market. Invited guest speakers are also there to impart knowledge on other property-related know-hows. 

"Knowledge of property investment is central in today’s intricate Singapore property market. It is an essential component of the empowerment of consumers as it gives them a better understanding of investment risks and opportunities. According to a report in the papers on 12 May 2014, only 1 out of 3 homebuyers are aware of how the TDSR rules work. And home purchases are big and important decisions that all homebuyers must know in whether they are making the right choices", remarked Mr Mohamed Ismail, CEO of PropNex Realty.


Consumer Guides

Positioned as a market leader in the industry, we champion in empowering homebuyers and investors with the most current trends, knowledge and strategies to navigate the changing real estate landscape. We anticipate that homebuyers, property owners and investors are in constant quest of more information of the next move in preserving the value of their assets, given the dynamism of numerous policies and measures that were introduced. 

Thus, PropNex printed a comprehensive series of 300,000 Consumer Guides (HDB Resale Market, Executive Condominiums, Private Residential Market), targeted at educating consumers of the different segments of property investment. Owning and investing in a property is a major decision for all of us, thus our company places a strong emphasis on equipping you with the facts and data to help you in your asset value preservation and in growing your wealth.

Speak to any of our trusted PropNex Salespersons here for a discussion and request for your complimentary consumer guides. Speak with them for invitations to our next Consumer Empowerment Seminar too. 


Innovative Technology

Our insistence on using innovative technology allows us to stay ahead of the competition.

These technical advancements include:

  • Comparative Market analysis databank

  • Financial planning software

  • Personal homepage for property marketing

  • Island-wide Residential Database

  • Agents’ Virtual Office with timely updates on company policies and personal records

  • Short Messaging System Broadcast for instantaneous communication with all / Targeted agents


Extensive training

Over 280 days per year are set aside for intensive training, development and workshops for each of our agents. This ensures that they are highly qualified and are able to consistently maintain high standards of professionalism. PropNex subsidies up to $1.5 million in 2014 for all our salespersons to undergo training in increasing their productivity, improving their knowledge of the market and to effectively serve our clients.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

One integral feature of PropNex is that each and every agent is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance. Partnering Tenet Insurance, it is a collaboration that is exclusive to PropNex alone. It acts as a safety net for you and highlights our emphasis on giving you complete peace of mind—by always protecting you first.


Professional Development and Training

  • Rigorous training programmes and workshops

  • Motivational talks by well-known local and international speakers

  • Centralised in-house agents courses (CEHA, CES, CEA)

  • On the job training and coaching

  • Mentorship programme

  • Continued Professional Development


In-house Mediation and Disciplinary Boards

Our in-house team of legal consultants offer you a professional avenue for mediating property issues and disputes. On top of that, they are always on hand to offer legal advice and clarifications on whatever real estate issues you face.


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