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About Dawn Then

Dawn is a full time professional real estate salesperson dedicated to maximise capital gains and minimise risks for her valued clients and investors.

Awards for 2017:

April 2017 - Platinum Achievers

Aug 2017 - Platinum Achievers

Awards for 2016:

PAC 2016 - Top Individual Producers - 172 Position
Sept 2016 - Top 50 Producers In Powerful Negotiators
2QC 2016 - Top Project Salespersons - 5th

Awards for 2015: 
PAC 2015 - Top Project Salespersons - 7th
Nov 2015 - Top Project Salespersons - 5th 
3QC 2015 - Top Project Salespersons - 5th
July 2015 - Top Project Salespersons - 4th 

Utilising her knowledge of the market and its variables, Dawn has helped many of her clients and investors fulfilled their objectives.

Testimonials from Clients: 
" With Dawn's help, i clearly understand my finances and directions for my selling and purchasing" 

"She is very sincere in helping me, to make sure i have full understanding of what is going to happen and what my options are" 

Most of her clients have used her services more than once and agree that she offers a degree of service that is second to none.

Dawn is committed to achieving the highest sale price possible for every property.

She believes in applying disciplined marketing, thorough follow up and buyer negotiation strategies on every property, regardless large or small.

She readily shares her knowledge, provides clients with facts and real time market assessments, thus allowing clients to make informative decisions.

She says “I am privileged to be working with so many families in buying and selling of their valuable assets, my goal is to ensure their interest is protected and smooth transition between homes”.

She's a member of the No.1 team in PropNex “Powerful Negotiators”.

Leveraging on the network of her team members, Dawn is able to maximise exposure of her client’s properties and provide real time market data for investors to make informed decisions.

Dawn Then

Associate Group Director

PropNex - R045971F

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